Our Privacy Policy
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Our Privacy Policy

Generally, our intention is to only collect information that is useful and available for our customer's use. We do not collect personal information for use by third parties. However, we do collect call related information, specific to each customer for their own use. The corporation or business who has subscribed to our service may employ people who are the actual users of Caller IP's phone system. Those users should be aware that call related information (including recordings if customer chooses to record calls to their system) are made available to the organization they are employed with. Users are encouraged to check with their employer about what information is tracked and how they use the information.

Our suite of products collect the following type of information:

  • Call record information such as numbers dialed, the phones that dialed them, time and duration of the call, and IP addresses associated with various communication end points.
  • Voicemail recordings
  • Transcription of voicemail recordings which may continue to be stored despite deleting the voicemail recording.
  • Call recordings on to and from phones the customer wishes to record on.
  • Call transcriptions where the customer has indicated they wish to record calls.
  • Fax messages to and from your fax line.

Our Mobile Dialer Application

Our mobile application initiates phone calls from the caller's cell phone to the end destination. Unlike a regular cellular phone call, our phone system is facilitating the call. In doing so, it is collecting meta-data about the call and, depending on your account and device settings, could be recording the call. (See our call recording policies below).

The application requires access to your phones contacts in order to facilitate calls to your contacts. The contact information is not shared with anyone and remains on your device. The only information that is transmitted to Caller IP is the number you have chosen to dial. No other information about the contact is transmitted.

When you contact Caller IP

We record calls made to and from our office. We do this primarily to ensure we are providing quality service to our customers. When you call us, the record of the call and a link to the recording may be entered in the CRM system. If you leave us a voicemail, the voicemail will be transcribed and emailed to one of our employees responsible for monitoring the incoming voicemails. The information is stored for Caller IP's sales and support uses only. outside 3rd parties.

Our website

Like all websites, we keep a log of IP addresses that have connected to it. If you log in to our web site with a user id, we could associate your identify with your IP address. The IP address could give us a hint as to your physical location. We currently do not use that information in anyway.

Our website makes use of cookies to keep you logged into our website and to store session information related to your administration of your Services.